Crimson and Gold by Mark Patrick Hederman

Crimson and Gold by Mark Patrick Hederman

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The Church as an historical structure must

eventually disappear altogether. When the kingdom
comes there will be no further need for earthly
paraphernalia. The only thing that endures is love.
Love began the Church and love is her only end.”


By the mid-twentieth century, County Limerick stood as an outlier – a Protestant enclave in a Catholic country. Between the warring factions, horses were the only common denominator. Crimson and Gold examines a rare circumstance and sets the stage for a theological juxtaposition.

Since the moment he met ‘God’ in the 1950’s on Knockfierna [Hill of Truth], Mark Patrick Hederman has spent a lifetime trying to square this epiphany with the theology he has been privileged to study from the age of 20.

Now, as a Benedictine Monk of Glenstal Abbey, Hederman continues to explore how we as Irish Roman Catholics can hone in on the most precious aspects of our faith and cancel the surrounding noise. More pressingly, the author invites us to ask where ‘God’ is to be in the Ireland of today.


Mark Patrick Hederman is a Benedictine monk of Glenstal Abbey in Limerick. Formerly Abbot and Principal of their school, he has lectured in philosophy, theology and literature in Ireland, Nigeria and the USA. A founding editor of the cultural journal The Crane Bag, he is the author of several books including The Haunted Inkwell, Underground Cathedrals, The Opal and the Pearl and Living the Mystery.